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Everything you need to build product configurators.

ShapeDiver takes care of all the product visualization and logic. As a result, you focus on what you know best: creating great websites and happy clients.

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  • What can you do with this model? Let’s find out! The scene interface of the API lets you list all the parameters you can customize in this model. Simply open the browser console and call the function:


    Each parameter has properties which can be used in further interactions. You’ll notice that the parameter definitions give you much more information, such as parameter types, ranges, default values, etc…

  • Now that we listed all the model parameters, the next step is to update one of them. In the list, we found a parameter with the name “Count H” that takes values between 1 and 6. Let’s update it:

    sdApi.parameters.updateAsync([{name: "Count H",value: 6}]);

    You will notice the viewer blur while the old geometry is replaced with the current one.

  • We can also list the available file exports from the model by typing:


    One of them is called “Download”, which means we can trigger it as below:

    sdApi.exports.requestAsync({name: "Download"});

    In this case, a modal dialog opens when the export is done and the file can be downloaded.

  • Camera movements, as well as various scene interactions, can also be controlled through the API. Try setting the camera in front of the shelves (position), facing it (target) as below:{position: {x:1000,y:-2500,z:500}, target:{x:1000,y:0,z:500}});

Key Technology Features

We build the model.
You build the interface.

ShapeDiver will integrate into any front-end framework, for a fully flexible UI/UX design.

No 3D / WebGL development required

All the product knowledge is contained in the 3D model and wrapped in a high-level Javascript environment.

A modern promise-based API

Enjoy the simplicity and the convenience of working with promises for communicating with 3D models.

Browse the API reference.

Integrate ShapeDiver in your website.

ShapeDiver handles the 3D model and its logic.

Start from a 3D model

Whether you are a product designer yourself or you work with one, it all starts with a CAD parametric design. We can recommend great designers, and even create complex models ourselves.

Need Help?


Work with your favorite web development tools and frameworks. Communicate with the model through simple API calls.

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Use your own configurator tools.

We provide servers for processing geometry and an API to communicate with them. The rest is up to you: use your own assets, configurator logic software or even your in-house 3D viewer.

We are here to help you.

Let us know how we can make your projects come true.

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